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July 03 - 2014

Freightliner recognized for its green technologies

Last June, Freightliner proudly announced that its M2 106 diesel-electric hybrid truck had been approved for the New York Truck-Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP).

In partnership with many New York State agencies, NYT-VIP provided $19 million in incentives for clean vehicle technologies. The goal of the program is to promote clean air and a sustainable future for New York’s transportation system, even when it comes to heavy vehicles. The Director of marketing for Freightliner insisted that M2-106 trucks are a smart solution featuring innovative technologies while also benefiting the environment. In addition, the M2-106 can be configured for a variety of bodies for different applications such as towing, landscape, emergency…

Freightliner’s commitment to green technologies is part of parent company Daimler AG’s global “Shaping Future Transportation” initiative. Launched in 2007, the initiative is focused on reducing criteria pollutants, carbon dioxide and fuel consumption through the utilization of clean, efficient drive systems including clean diesel and alternative fuels.

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