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January 15 - 2018

The New Cascadia: nine new safety features!

The new Freightliner Cascadia is among the most advanced on-highway trucks on the market, but it is also nothing less than an investment in the future of trucking. It is designed to be one of the safest vehicles on the road, both for drivers and for other motorists. Here is an overview of nine of its new safety features.

The 9 new safety features of the New Cascadia

nine new safety features

  1. 1- OPTIONAL DETROIT ASSURANCE® 4.0 SUITE OF SAFETY SYSTEMS, which can recognize and mitigate potential collisions with stationary objects or pedestrians in motion.
  2. 2- STANDARD FULL-LED EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR LIGHTING, an industry first for reduced eye strain as well as improved visibility at night and in inclement weather.
  3. 3- OPTIONAL PRE-TRIP INSPECTION SYSTEM, which flashes all exterior lights for quick and complete pre-trip inspections.
  4. 4- STANDARD STEP LIGHTING that makes entering and exiting the vehicle safer.
  5. 5- STANDARD A & B PILLAR GRAB HANDLES to offer three points of contact to drivers and passengers for safer entry and exit.
  6. 6- STANDARD ONE-PIECE WINDSHIELD AND SIDE GLASS, increasing wiper coverage by more than 12% and offering the driver an improved view of the side mirror.
  7. 7- STANDARD HEATED EXTERIOR MIRRORS for improved visibility during winter driving.
  8. 8- STANDARD REMOTE ADJUSTABLE SIDE MIRRORS, repositioned for better driver ergonomics and visibility.
  9. 9- STANDARD INCREASED HOOD SLOPE to provide greater forward visibility.

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