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April 28 - 2017

Moving Without Worrying

The great removal season is gradually beginning in Quebec! Do you start a business and set up a moving company? Begin with the basics, and equip yourself like a pro!

Get one of our brand new Fuso trucks to start your new adventure in style! Or equip yourself properly for an even more prosperous year than the previous one. To help ensure your success, we have two models to propose:

• a 2015 Fuso FE 180, ready to accommodate a 20-foot box, equipped with a 160-HP Mitsubishi 4P10 engine and a 6-speed Duonic AM6 automatic transmission;

Fuso FE 180 2015

• a 2016 Fuso FE 180 with its 22-foot box, loading ramp and side door, featuring a Mitsubishi four-cylinder engine and a 6-speed Duonic automatic transmission.

Fuso FE 180 2016

Make your day easier and more efficient with these two Fuso trucks designed specifically to save you time and money, and to give a new push to your moving company!

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