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January 14 - 2015

Globocam acquires 9 new 5700XE trucks!

Western Star 5700XE: Globocam gives you efficiency!

Globocam, Quebec’s most important truck dealer network, is proud to announce that its south shore Globocam dealer—specialized in Western Star trucks—has purchased 10 new 5700XE trucks. That means that we’re adding the industry’s most advanced fuel saving technologies to the industry’s toughest trucks!

Introduced only a few months ago, the 5700XE (XE for “extreme efficiency”) Western Star blends energy efficiency and ruggedness, but also aerodynamics, style, innovation and durability. Every detail was considered; each feature and part of the truck has been studied to provide the most in terms of efficiency, aerodynamics and reliability, without ever forgetting style.

The truck comes with the Detroit DT12™ automated manual transmission that can be mated to any of the Detroit engines offered. And for ultimate efficiency, customers can select the new integrated Detroit powertrain featuring the DD15 engine. Whatever your choice, the 5700XE Western Star is designed to be efficient!

The class 8 truck is perfect for any distance and for multiple applications. It was built to stand up to the highest expectations when it comes to comfort and efficiency.

Order North America’s most energy-efficient truck now! Or at least come and visit one of our three Globocam centres to learn more about the 5700XE. Even better: request a road test!

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